Star Spangled Banner 3


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Bruce Banner 3 Auto x Blue Microverse F4

True F1 Hybrid Limited Edition

35/65 Sativa/Indica

75-85 days from sprout

2-4 ounces average

3 Feminized Seeds

Oh say can you see!!! Star Spangled Banner 3 is chock full of the red, white, and blue! Medium, easy growing indica dominant plants with sturdy branching and extreme resin production. Extremely dank red and blue berry flavors are accompanied by Earthy OG and the occasional old school Sour Diesel notes. Expect copious amounts of resin with great potential for extraction. The flower themselves will be coated with white frost, offering not only incredible bag appeal but fantastic smokeability to boot! Sedative, yet mind bending effects make her best suited for after working hours and a great dessert smoke. She will take well to training of all sorts, including topping, but also puts out when left to grow naturally. Star Spangled Banner 3 is set to be one of the all time greats, and should not be missed!